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New STUDIO Album - THE UNFORGIVABLE releases on september 6th, 2024


Hi Friends,


As some of you may have realised, we're gearing up to introduce you to our new album

We're very excited to let you know that preorders begin right now for our seventh studio album, which is called 'The Unforgivable'. It is released on September 6th, 2024 and is available in CD, LP and download. Also available to stream.


'The Unforgivable' is a 45 minute, epic length track (broken into ten sections) that features one long musical journey on CD/download/stream or two 23 minute side long tracks of an LP. Which are the formats we've chosen to release this album on.
It is a narrative concept album that tells the story of a young man falling into, and subsequently escaping from a religious cult, 'The Legion of Angels', in the American midwest. Seduced by an attractive female leader, he finds himself gaslit into attempting murder, failing, and fleeing.
The album was written when our 'Homeless' touring was cut short by Covid lockdowns and the sections were worked into a cohesive musical piece by the band remotely, before reconvening and re-arranging the work into it's current form. During this time, the remixing of the band's first two albums happened - and a lot of our earlier musical DNA found itself scattered throughout this piece - creating the darkest and most intense Anubis work for some time. It follows in the tradition of Anubis narrative works - '230503', 'A Tower of Silence' and 'The Second Hand' - atmospheric, epic, big melodies and harmonies, layered keyboards and soaring guitar solos; whilst incorporating some of the production aesthetic, sound quality and cohesiveness of 'Homeless'.
An edit from side two of the album - the eighth part of the piece, 'Back' - has been edited out of the album as a single, which is available to stream now and comes with the preorder.
The cover has been shot, as ever, by our long time art collaborator, Tim Neill, and is presented in a gatefold sleeve for both CD and LP, and released by Bird's Robe Records. 
We're very proud and excited to present 'The Unforgivable' to you and hope that you enjoy the journey. And we look forward to seeing some of you on the road later in 2024.
Robbie, Dave, Dougie, Dean, Anton and Steve.